13notes theory

New music theory made of 13 different sounds

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     13notes theory

  • Free PDF
     13notes theory

  • Free PDF
     13notes theory

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What kind of theory is it?

The conventional music theory has an idea of ​​homonymy, but the 13notes theory adopts the idea of ​​homonymous and fixed twice.  We have succeeded in deriving 364 scales and 52 types of tonality in 12 equal-temper music using a scale called "4 kinds of basic scales" generated by this.
 Please experience the world of 13notes theory, which is simple without notes and organized, with all sorts of information on fashion and techniques.
 You can download a free PDF file introducing a detailed explanation of the structure and the "three merits of 13notes theory" etc. Please read it on this occasion.

 We also have an item called Composing Trump, which makes use of the similarity between 13 notes theory and Trump, so please have a look once if you are interested.

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